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Maria Magdalena Roovers, known affectionately as “Mieke”, is a multi-talented businesswoman in the Netherlands. Having studie at both the Rotterdam Academy of Art and the Netherlands Academy for Chi Therapy, Mieke combines her love of beauty with her training as a therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop new ways to promote Beauty, Health and Feminine Wisdom. Mieke was inspired to create beauty products by her namesake, St. Maria Magdalene, who is the patron saint of perfume.

Mieke in her capacity as President of several innovative Dutch cosmetics companies, she has produced luxury beauty products. Her unique cosmetic lines incorporate the treasures of the Earth (gemstones) and the Sky (meteorite) in order to combine the very best innovations available from the West with the wisdom of beauty and health from the East.

In addition to her cosmetics work, Mieke puts her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine into practice – she teaches “stress and lifestyle management” to business executives in major corporations. Mieke also conducts exclusive personal training on Beauty and Inner Beauty to a select group of clients. She is the President of the Global Solution Project, which works towards transforming our culture’s view of healthcare from curing illness to promoting health as a state of being.

Mieke: “We are badly in need of a new mindset. True corporate social responsibility requires that we alter lifestyles and behaviours that are disconnected from our current patterns of thought and motivations. Her message can be summarized as: “We work to live – not the other way round! In addition to its financial rewards, work should contribute to our personal development and happiness. Our work must never be at the expense of our health.

Mieke is the author of three books: The Way of Beauty – Meidao; De magie van edelstenen (The Magic of Gemstones) and Genezen met alle zintuigen (Cured With All Senses). She will soon be publishing a fourth book shortly in English on Intuition Food. She also appears in the movie Tapping the Source, produced by Gayle Newhouse, William Gladstone and Richard Greninger.

Taking time out from her busy schedule, Mieke conducts exclusive trips to Bali for spiritual and personal development for select groups of clients who wish to develop their full potential.

“I think it’s necessary for businesswomen to embrace their femininity in order to fully embrace life” says Mieke.

Mieke’s vision is to improve your Self. “A healthy lifestyle starts with happiness,” says Mieke. “Most people think it’s the other way around, that a healthy lifestyle will make you happy. You’ll only experience life as something beautiful once you feel happy.”

Balance is the key word. “Every human has three inner powers or energies namely one’s physical energy (Vitality-Sexual Power), feeling energy (Emotional Power) and mental energy (Mind Power). Balancing the three energies will free us from our primal reactions to stress (the flight-fight-freeze instinct) and will lead to freedom from fear, anger and sorrow.” explains Mieke.

The mind overrules the heart and physical energy in our society. Lack of balance in these three energies will bring stress and dis-ease,” warns Mieke. “Promoting a new lifestyle will transform our culture to one that values a high state of health and happiness and keeps people in that state, rather than merely curing illness and disease after it has arisen.”



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