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Personal coaching

1. Top Performance Training

Top Performance Training is aimed at improving your performance. This training is designed for CEOs and talent who desire to raise their “game” and perform at their personal best. It is also intended for those who simply want to get the most out of themselves, develop their talents and at the same time fully enjoy their life and success. Our clients work long hours, yet need to be constantly accessible and to perform at peak levels. In today’s world, outside pressure is high and the balance between their business and private life is often hard to find.

Top Performance Training is about:

  • Being and remaining “Topfit”;
  • Maintaining a “helicopter view” at all times;
  • Peaking at key times;
  • Making proper decisions for their career, company (and  their staff)

Every professional athlete knows that his or her performance stands or falls upon the quality of their coaching. However in business and entertainment industry, where the pressure to perform is at least as high as in competitive sports, professionals lack the guidance of a coach even though mistakes can cost a lot of money and result in personal loss.

Aim Top Performance Training is about:

  • Improving health and well-being;
  • Improving performance of daily tasks;
  • Enhanced skills in coping with daily mental and emotional problems;
  • Enabling peak performances when necessary;
  • Adopting the practice of taking “micro breaks”;
  • Bringing more balance to your personal and business lives;
  • Getting the most out of yourself.


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2. Top Life Coaching.

The society we live in is very demanding. We live in a competitive environment – we behave as if everything has to be bigger, faster and better to stay afloat. Keeping up appearances and pretending that life is easy at this pace demands an enormous mental and physical effort.

More and more people are having problems coping with the continuous pressure under which they live. The number of people with structural health problems because of stress, like burnout, addictions, weight problems, insomnia, headache, back pain, anxiety and heart problems, is growing.

People can only perform well is they are feeling well. The quality of work, creativity and productivity, is based on how a person feels and on the level of their energy.

Putting this knowledge into practice, Top Life conducts exclusive, private training to promote health and serenity. Combining Eastern and Western training techniques, Top Life will teach you how to tackle stressful thoughts and feelings so that you feel good, energetic and comfort, so you will enjoy life much better. With this prevention from disease, you will feel at ease. Decide to become a person who radiates a special sparkle, so people will wonder what your secret is.

The personal coaching starts with a Body Mind Checkup. Your physical, emotional and mental condition will be assessed. From this assessment, a custom-made personal training program will be made that will include biofeedback relaxation-response training, coping skills, massage, mental and physical exercise.

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