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Top Life is sounding the alarm!

Doing business today is centrifugally focused, that is, on values and objectives outside ourselves. This removes each of us from our own centre, resulting in higher stress, burn-out symptoms, psychosomatic ailments, lack of sleep and back problems. Top Life is sounding the alarm: ‘We are badly in need of a new mindset.’ True corporate social responsibility requires that we alter lifestyles and behaviours that are disconnected from our current patterns of thought and motivations. Society therefore seriously needs to evolve from a financially-driven model to a cooperation-driven model. This is a model in which people and quality come first, instead of quantity. We must be more mindful in using natural resources.
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Top Life for doing business in style

The doing business in style Top Life aims at requires a centripetal view as its foundation: back towards your centre. We work to live (not the other way round) and in addition to its financial rewards, work should contribute to our personal development and happiness. Our work must never be at the expense of our health. Sustainable business begins with sustaining employees and management. And this means first of all improving their quality of life.
Top Life’s doing business in style is based on the 5 P’s. Using a Paradigm shift, it tries to balance People, Planet and Prosperity based on (sensible) Pleasure. Top Life’s basic principle is the well-being of all employees, in the right work environment with the proper means. Everyone must be able to work over the long term in pleasant surroundings, in harmony with themselves and others. This well-being is necessary to keep a person performing effectively and at their peak in the long run. The results are expressed in higher productivity for each employee, which benefits the company’s organisational development and continuity. Moreover, the style of approach ensures that the HERO values of Honesty, Empathy, Respect and Open-mindedness can really thrive within the company.

Top Life’s activities
1. Company wellness: with group trainings, in which every participant is brought into contact with their personality, which serves the group process as well. These trainings use organisation-intervention programmes, stress management models, techniques for gaining greater insight and mental and physical exercises.
2. Personal coaching: whether it’s long-term sick-leave rates or personal career-path supervising, in practice we continually find that coaching pays off in a relatively short time. The unique ‘body-mind check-up’ allows the overall ‘before’ and ‘after’ situation to be ascertained objectively.
3. Team building & workshops: This can involve entire departments, management meetings, incentive trainings, working with a sport team or simply parts of company outings. These trainings will almost always entail a significant physical component.
4. Lectures: TopLife has a comprehensive view of social currents and many years of experience with awareness processes. Topics include: “How can you manage stress?”,  “Can happiness be created?”, “Doing business in style”.
5. Organisation scan: with findings and suggestions for how people can perform and feel good at the same time with the currently available materials; setting up a company according to the latest technologies. TopLife uses a huge range of both Eastern and Western ideas and techniques. 6. Course: our newest tool is TopLife’s own 2-year professional training, the ‘Chinese Health Management Academy’. Any and all of the above elements can be combined. TopLife does only custom work, and after years of practical experience, has developed and refined several of its own methods.


The people behind Top Life

Rudi WesterkampRudi Westerkamp president of Top Life and is involved with awareness at mental, emotional and physical levels. He has the degree of doctor and special advisor in Chinese Medicine from the University of Beijing. He is the head of the Dutch Delegation of the Standardization Committee of TCM ISO. He has trained intensively in bringing together Eastern and Western ideas, techniques and mentalities. Rudi has given company trainings for many years. Read more about Rudi’s vision.



Mieke RooversMieke Roovers

Mieke is the president of  Top Life, therapist in Chinese medicine and author of 3 books. Mieke offers personal coaching and workshops on “lifestyle and stress management” to business executives in major corporations. She is the President of Top Life Cosmetics BV, an innovative Dutch cosmetics company.  More about Mieke


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We cannot improve the world by only changing our thinking or adopting new ideas. To truly make the world a better place, we must change the quality of our life energy.