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Toplife is a business dedicated to the improvement of your performance and vitality. The people at Top Life provide coaching and training to people who want the best — for themselves and from life. Our services are intended for those who want to reach their highest potential, those who want a “Top Life”. Top Life uses a positive approach and enables a person to develop his or her own true talents and power.

With our broad international business experience and extensive expertise in personal growth processes, on physical, emotional, mental and social levels, we deliver customized personal training.

Top Life combines Eastern with Western methods. Combining unique learning models, insight techniques and mental and physical exercises since 1985, we have years of practical experience. Top Life has successfully completed a large number of programs for companies, CEOs, athletes and artists.

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Doing business in style

The doing business in style TopLife aims at requires a centripetal view as its foundation: back towards your centre. We work to live (not the other way round) and in addition to its financial rewards, work should contribute to our personal development and happiness. Read more

Personal Coaching

The society we live in is very demanding. We live in a competitive environment – we behave as if everything has to be bigger, faster and better to stay afloat. Keeping up appearances and pretending that life is easy at this pace demands an enormous mental and physical effort.
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We cannot improve the world by only changing our thinking or adopting new ideas. To truly make the world a better place, we must change the quality of our life energy.